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I founded CRUX in 1990. First guitar-player was Petr Hosek from czech music group ROOT. In spite of original idea of composing together, finally it was me who composed a big majority of all music material. With Petr Hosek were all the time troubles and he is author only of several beginning motives of the song "The Key" and some guitar solos.

Material called "Scream of Death" we recorded in December 1991. Again the same songs, but with little bit different sound I recorded in June 1992 and added after them two new songs.This record is called "Terrific Warrior" and was published on cassetes. Petr Hosek did not participate on this record at all.
When CRUX finished in 1993, Petr Hosek began to do with these songs like if they are his own. Without my permission he secretly persuaded record labels (Leviathan rec., I hate rec.), who then CRUX published on CDs thinking that Hosek is the main author of the songs. But it was not true. Also many unexact information are in booklets of CDs or in articles, which were published in magazines or on internet.

I was surprised how many people listened to music which I recorded in desperate conditions before 16 years with one guitar-player and one year later with another one.
It can be understood as honor (from which in fact I do not have even one penny) but it is also pain and sorrow that this all was given them so late and in such a destroyed form.
But it is necessary to add that I am already different man now. Different than in time, when hungry and tired from night shifts in power station I tried to put together passages and riffs of new songs and thought out texts made according to cliche of that time-this all in a cold,wet  hut.
Today it would seem to me stupid and funny to call all these made up demons and burn the crosses in situation, when the leading power of nations and individuals are false faith,selfishness and stupidity.
When the whole earth is exploited for economical profits and financial groups enslaves whole states, how can I say that Christianity, which has no influence on society , enslaves somebody? In era of Chinese death penalties and forced abortions I should roar into microphone that Bible is guilty of it?  If I do it, I would become exactly this naive madman, whom the dictators like me to be.
I think that mystics has a certain place in human life, because a human without this sphere of living is poor and similar to a pig. He starts in "rat competitions", his brain is washed by medial picture of reality, by trusting in institutions and by herd instincts. And in all this he thinks that he is free. I do not know what is the reason, that some people begin also in this desperate situation to seek and they are finding the truth, while the others stay blind and deaf for the rest of their lives.
But I know surely, that the truth is worthy to be sought . For the truth makes you free.

                                                                                         Roman Kribek , October 2008